About maryLu

Who we are, what we do, what we want and our Mission

We are a combination of Band and Choir. The musicians are coached by our Bandleader Tino Mostak, and the choir by the vocal coach trainer Manuela Gagliotta. Our workingcenter is the Catholic Church Maria Lourdes in Zurich-Seebach, of which we owe our special name. The setlist includes Gospel, Acapella, Christianpop and Original Compositions. Primarily, we are a group of friends, sharing our common passion of making music. Steadily growing in membership, we want to touch many people’s hearts through our unobtrusive, Christian-influenced music. The two previously released CDs are showing our whole range of musical styles. The prevailing position of the guitar lends the first cover-album “How Great” a trendy folk style. The second album is sung in swiss german dialect and was recorded with children out of the neighborhood. A musical worship-collection from his own pen, with which we’ll start soon our next tour.


Tino Mostak – Guitar, Vocal
Manuela Gagliotta – Vocal
Mark Etter – Bass, Vocal
Silvia Solombrino – Vocal
Maria Trodella – Vocal
Angelo Nieto – Drums
Remo Boccuzzo – Guitar, Vocal
Matthias Renggli – Vocal
René Vonlanthen  – Vocal
Patrizia Wälchli – Vocal
Alexandra Dahl – Vocal
Rahel Wannenmacher – Keyboard, Vocal
Stefanie Wintergerste – Vocal
Esther Anker – Vocal

Contact: info@marylu.ch